Welcome to Viral Industries - a leading multi turn worm gearbox manufacturer and supplier in the USA, Europe, Canada & Gulf. With over 13 years of experience, we have built a reputation for producing top-quality multi-turn worm gearboxes. Within a short period of time, we've earned well-known clients from around the globe and also some reputed end users in various fields. Furthermore, our multi-turn worm gearboxes can deliver torque ranging between 1100 Nm – 100,000 Nm (811 lbf-ft - 73756 lbf-ft).

Looking for a durable multi-turn worm gearbox? Look no further than Viral Industries. We have a team of skilled experts ready to provide you with the best multi-turn gearbox for your industry. Feel free to contact us.

Note: Our manufacturing unit is only in India, but we export multi-turn worm gearboxes to the USA, Europe, Canada, and Gulf.

  1. Multi-Turn Worm Gearbox (MVW Models for Manual or Hand-Wheel Operation)

Viral Ind.
Model No.
Output torque
RatioM A
( ±10 % )
Hand-wheel DiameterHand-wheel Effort
Multi-Turn Worm Gearbox

  1. Multi-Turn Worm Gearbox (MVWE Models for Actuator Operation)

Multi-Turn Worm Gearbox
Viral Ind.
Model No.
Output torque
RatioM A
( ±10 % )
Input torque capacityMounting Flange at
Actuator Side
(ISO 5211)
MVWE-101,10081142157354F10, F14
MVWE-202,4001,770522012089F10, F14
MVWE-303,0002,2135220150111F10, F14
MVWE-404,0002,9505521190140F10, F14
MVWE-606,0004,4255220300221F10, F14
MVWE-10010,0007,3755119500369F10, F14
MVWE-15015,00011,0635521714527F14, F16
MVWE-25025,00018,44052241042768F14, F16
MVWE-50050,00036,8785621.822941692F14, F16, F25
MVWE-1000100,00073,756602343483207F16, F25

  1. Multi-Turn Worm Gearbox with Spur Gearbox (MVWSGA, MVWESGA)

These models are available for either manual or actuator operation. The additional spur gearbox will be added to reduce the hand-wheel effort and input torque. The ratio of the gearbox will be higher as per the requirement of input torque.

Multi-Turn Worm Gearbox

  1. Multi-Turn Worm Gearbox with Both Side Shaft

Multi-Turn Worm Gearbox

Valve Mounting Detail

Viral Ind.
Model No.
Valve Side Mounting Flange(ISO 5211) Max.
Spindle Diameter
MVW-10 / MVWE-10 F12, F10 45
MVW-20 / MVWE-20 F16, F14, F12 55
MVW-30 / MVWE-30 F14, F16 60
MVW-40 / MVWE-40 F16, F25 70
MVW-60 / MVWE-60 F16, F25 80
MVW-100 / MVWE-100 F16, F25, F30 85
MVW-150 / MVWE-150 F30, F35 100
MVW-250 / MVWE-250 F30, F35, F40 110
MVW-500 / MVWE-500 F35, F40 155
MVW-1000 / MVWE-1000 F40, F48 185


  • Clockwise rotation of input will give clockwise rotation of output.
  • Self-Locking gearbox.
  • Bearings supported assembly.
  • Suitable for Actuator operation.
  • Grease Lubricant Gearbox.
  • Higher ratio options to reduce effort.
  • Locking Arrangement.
  • Available for marine application.
  • Available for horizontal hand-wheel orientation.


  • IP-65 ,IP-67, IP-68

Temperature Limit:

  • Normal application -20˚C To 120˚C
  • High temperature application up to 150˚C
  • Low temperature application up to -50˚C

Material Options for Stem sleeve:

  • Phosphorus Bronze (PB-2)

Bore Options for Worm-Wheel Quadrant:

  • Round Shape with multiple key-way
  • Square Shape
  • Hexagon Shape